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GOT BOHO?! Hale Bob does! Writer: Amanda Aponte | Editor in Chief – FISIQUE Magazine Photographer: Mark Mendez Producer: Style Fashion Week Location: The Shows at Pacific Design Center Getting his start in Paris, Daniel Bohbot, Founder of Hale Bob gets inspiration from the vast pop culture and combines it with the world of the couture. The showcase was lovely, full…

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An absolutely stunning merge of classic cuts and styles with a couture spin! Writer: Daetriel Ortega-Bey Photographer: Jose Pagan Models: MSA Curve Styling: Susan Moses Accessories: Patricia Underwood (Hats) | RJ Graziano (Jewelry) Hair & Makeup: Augment Japan | Aubrey Loots, Head Hair, Studio DNA Salons (LA) |Cristina Romeo, Head MUA, Polaris Cosmetics (LA) Dressing: University of Monterrey (Mexico) Producer: Quintessential Media Location: Johannes Vogt…

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Inviting, enchanting and high energy! Writer: Daetriel Ortega-Bey Photographer: Brittany Hogan Producer: EB Consults Location: The Space at Skylight Clarkson Square The Jay Godfrey Gallery was full of texture and textile play with splashes of Leather and perfectly placed slanted slits. Here are a few takeaways; be sure to follow our full coverage in our upcoming issue. Personality: Friendly, Inviting,…

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