Raul Peñaranda | Fall/Winter 2016

Raul Peñaranda | Fall/Winter 2016

Texture was a key factor in this sexy over the top line!

Writter: Daetriel Ortega-Bey
Photographer: Brittany Hogan
Producer: Style Fashion Week
Location: Gotham Hall

Raul brought sexy edge to 1970’s inspired styles! It was a disco inferno of Metallic, Silver, Gold, Gray, Maroon with pops of Mint Green and Blush Champagne. Bell bottoms and low plunging necklines were complimented with delicate jewelry, dark lips and low chignons. Gowns galore graced the stage with large lapels and hoods.  We especially loved the sheer pieces matched with the long flowing textured skirts. This line is a very high fashion collision of both business and pleasure.

Hair: Low bun, Dark lip,

Trending Colors: Metallic, Gold, Silver, Gray, Mint Green, Chartreuse, Maroon, Blush Champagne

Trending Style: Shin length dresses, Large dramatic lapels, Texture play, Print fabric, Very sexy and sheer with peek a boo, Leather, Bell Bottoms, Delicate Jewelry, Pumps, Hoods

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