Comicon | 2016

Comicon | 2016

June 5th, 2016 was open day for one of Arizona’s most anticipated events of the year.

Writer: Amanda Aponte | Editor in Chief – FISIQUE Magazine
Photographer: Scott Hartwick 
Producer: Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comicon is a visually stunning event where Cosplayers from all walks of life cone to play.  Whether you are a Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman or Superman fan you can bet you can snag a photo with your favorite character. Entering the Exhibitor Hall you are overwhelmed with memorabilia, comic books and stunning handmade garments, leather good and works of art.


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Making your way through the Exhibitor Hall, admiring and finding things you want to buy, you can’t help but feel inner nerd come out. Stopping by some booths we came across one that stood out. Aurora O’Brian is a talented model and artist who attends Comicon every year. Aurora brings her inner Disney princess with her as she displays her drawings and paintings. Another talented individual we met on our Comicon journey was Ascheley Regina.  Ascheley is an avid cosplayer who designs her own costumes props. Seeing the detailing on the costumes she created for herself, mother and boyfriend impressed us; we had to stop and chat with them.


Model/Artist: Aurora O’Brian                         Cosplayer: Ascheley Regina

NEXT UP: Panels

This years Comicon was filled with some great guests.  Timothy Omundson, Alex Kingston and Oded Fehr were just a few making an appearance.  We did not get a chance to speak with them but did enjoy their answers and candor during the panels.  We do want to thank Phoenix Comicon for having us and we looking forward to attending again in the future.



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