K. Rashae

K. Rashae

How does a Woman balance a hardcore career and stay feminine?

Writer: Daetriel Valient-Bey
Photographer: Scott Hartwick
Producer: Style Fashion Week
Location: Manhattan Center

K. Rashae symbolically answered that question. This showcase was a true knockout! The opening was an inspiring look into the determination an strength of a female boxer. It spoke of the balance between being a female boxer and femininity. Each model confidently strutted down the runway with wrapped hands, boxer braids or natural curls. Peek toe heels complimented the edgy tailored high waisted pants, off the shoulder tops, and sheer garments.

The red lining and horizontal sheer strips made each piece unique and sexy.  Knee length cuts paired with flowing and light reflective textiles brought a feminine touch to the boxer braids and wraps.  K. Rashae definitely represented the power and fight in woman while balancing femininity and grace.  This was a truly symbolic and inspirational showcase that left everyone feeling empowered.


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