Defining Moments: 50 Years of Fashion

Defining Moments: 50 Years of Fashion

A night at the Phoenix Art Museum take those in attendance back in time through the world of fashion.

Writter: Amanda Aponte | Editor in Chief – FISIQUE Magazine
Photographer: Brittany Hogan |
Produced by: Phoenix Art Museum

What a great opportunity it was to hear Dennita Sewell, the Jaccquie Dorrance Curator of Fashion Design speak about some the designs and how the Phoenix Art Museum came to acquire them. Explaining the history behind some the gowns and accessories in the exhibit was so enlightening. With each slide, hear the “Oooo’s” and “Ahhhh’s”.  Observing the young adults in attendance appreciating the history and information being giving was refreshing as well.  Whether experienced or just getting started in fashion, there were some valuable takeaways for everyone.

Entering the exhibit brought back memories and feelings from our time in New York attending Fashion Week. The crowd was large and the appreciation for each piece displayed was apparent.  Then of course the shoes! You can’t celebrate 50 years of fashion without including the shoes right?!

As you continued through the gallery you are take back by the history and the designs of past (additional images below).  However there were some that you had to stop and admire like the stunning Green Christian Dior gown owned by Sybil Harrington.  Then the stunning Alexander McQueen, who in my book is one of the best.  There were so many amazing pieces, to stand among fashion history was a treat.  Thank you to Brittany Hogan for the stunning images.


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