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Stunning is an understatement when speaking of the Oday Shakar’s unvailing during New York Fashion Week! Writer: Daetriel Valient-Bey Photographer: Scott Hartwick Location: The Shows at The Arc, Skylight at Moynihan Station Each gown was a clash of dramas and pure elegance.  The V-cuts ending at the small of the models’ backs and navels gave a beautiful tailored look to…

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How does a Woman balance a hardcore career and stay feminine? Writer: Daetriel Valient-Bey Photographer: Scott Hartwick Producer: Style Fashion Week Location: Manhattan Center K. Rashae symbolically answered that question. This showcase was a true knockout! The opening was an inspiring look into the determination an strength of a female boxer. It spoke of the balance between being a female…

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There are not enough words to describe the beauty and love felt at Desigual show during New York Fashion Week! Writer: Daetriel Valient-Bey Photographer: Scott Hartwick Location: The Arc, Skylight at Moynihan Station The first impression of The Arc venue was pure enchantment.  Accent lights and gifts placed in every guest seat.  The room quiets as Latin music filled the…

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GOT BOHO?! Hale Bob does! Writer: Amanda Aponte | Editor in Chief – FISIQUE Magazine Photographer: Mark Mendez Producer: Style Fashion Week Location: The Shows at Pacific Design Center Getting his start in Paris, Daniel Bohbot, Founder of Hale Bob gets inspiration from the vast pop culture and combines it with the world of the couture. The showcase was lovely, full…

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