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Hypnotizing puppy and women’s apparel graced the NYFW Style Fashion Week Runway. Writer: Daetriel Ortega-Bey Photographer: Brittany Hogan Producer: Style Fashion Week Location: Gotham Hall This was not your normal walk through the dog park! Anthony’s beautiful furbaby Kimba opened the show in a gold & brown textured couture top hat and coat. The model accompanying Kimba wore a beautiful…

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An absolutely stunning merge of classic cuts and styles with a couture spin! Writer: Daetriel Ortega-Bey Photographer: Jose Pagan Models: MSA Curve Styling: Susan Moses Accessories: Patricia Underwood (Hats) | RJ Graziano (Jewelry) Hair & Makeup: Augment Japan | Aubrey Loots, Head Hair, Studio DNA Salons (LA) |Cristina Romeo, Head MUA, Polaris Cosmetics (LA) Dressing: University of Monterrey (Mexico) Producer: Quintessential Media Location: Johannes Vogt…

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Malan brought magic to the Gotham Hall Runway with his hypnotizing New York Fashion Week runway show! Writer: Daetrel Ortega-Bay Photographer: Brittany Hogan Producer: Style Fashion Week Location: Gotham Hall His lovely female models wore full bouncy wand curls reminiscent of the late 1970 with red lips, exaggerated cat eyes, and triangular cut eyes while adorning crystals in the shapes…

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Texture was a key factor in this sexy over the top line! Writter: Daetriel Ortega-Bey Photographer: Brittany Hogan Producer: Style Fashion Week Location: Gotham Hall Raul brought sexy edge to 1970’s inspired styles! It was a disco inferno of Metallic, Silver, Gold, Gray, Maroon with pops of Mint Green and Blush Champagne. Bell bottoms and low plunging necklines were complimented…

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