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Archana Kochhar’s collection opened FTL Moda’s production during New York Fashion Week Writer: Amanda Aponte | Editor in Chief – FISIQUE Magazine  Photographer: Scott Hartwick Location: Space 404 The audience was in great anticipation of the appearance of Rashma Qureshi (pictured above) a victim of an acid attack that severely disfigured her face just two years ago. Did that stop…

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buy tinidazole online June 8, 2016 0 Comments

June 5th, 2016 was open day for one of Arizona’s most anticipated events of the year. Writer: Amanda Aponte | Editor in Chief – FISIQUE Magazine Photographer: Scott Hartwick  Producer: Phoenix Comicon Phoenix Comicon is a visually stunning event where Cosplayers from all walks of life cone to play.  Whether you are a Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman or Superman…

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buy tinidazole online May 27, 2016 0 Comments

A night at the Phoenix Art Museum take those in attendance back in time through the world of fashion. Writter: Amanda Aponte | Editor in Chief – FISIQUE Magazine Photographer: Brittany Hogan | www.brittanyhogan.com Produced by: Phoenix Art Museum What a great opportunity it was to hear Dennita Sewell, the Jaccquie Dorrance Curator of Fashion Design speak about some the…

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Writer/Photographer: Roger Talley Producer: Cartagena Fashion Week Location: Cartagena, Colombia For the last eight years, Cartagena Colombia has taken its place among fashion-oriented cities in South America having annual fashion shows. In 2016 the city sponsored their largest ever fashion expo, showcasing not only designers and their lines, as other Fashion Weeks do, but also the civic involvement of the…

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